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Monday, May 29th, 2006
10:30 pm
I'm a comment whore D:
I'm not updating much because no body ever comments on my dreams, and it highly depresses me. I'm having trouble remembering them anyway, so I don't see why I should even continue.

Current Mood: Get that damn face off my wall
Friday, May 19th, 2006
9:10 pm
I've been really bad at keeping up this "ONE A DAY!" Deal. D:
Ok, this has to do alot with Captain Planet. Be warned.

We were in this galla, it was dark and the majority of the place was finished with wood. None the less, in the auditorium, We were all gathered to focus and reflect on our kind memories of Captain Planet. I remember specifically that we were all planeteers who could use super powers without having rings. None the less, It went on intermission, and I went to the bathroom. As I used the urinal, I had a conversation with a peer about how lightning could be used to harnass the power of the pheonix. None the less, we were called back, and I was chosen (I had lightning powers.. all the powers were ridiculous, one had uranium power) to enter the planet by touching the ceiling screen. Once I did so, I was in the jungle. The rain was falling with no clouds, it was shining brightly. I saw some oppponents, so I summoned the Lightning Pheonix to dispose of them. After I did that, they brought me back into the auditorium by using a chain that pulled me into the sky and back into the Galla. After that, we watched others do the same. My dream ended around the time someone had used their blood powers to do this chore.

Current Mood: Subserviant
Saturday, May 13th, 2006
10:09 pm
Alright.. I haven't updated this in a long time.. Mostly because The Mars Volta make me think "I'll die alone and no one will remember me" too much. (Damn you Zavala!)
Anyhow. I'm going to do some updating by each day, as I remember it.

Right. So I had this dream that this glowing gealitn creature with a spine and tendrils was crawling through my front door, into my house, and into my room.. I saw it pass by the Cabinets near my bed. It crawled onto my bed and attached itself to my brain stem. I felt flaring pains through out my body and my spine felt like it was Disintigrating. I woke up in utter horror at 4 am. It was dark.. which was odd because in the dream it was pure daylight with light shining in through each window. Including the ones covered in blankets.

Current Mood: OMG MY SPINE ARGGGH!!!!!!
Saturday, May 6th, 2006
7:55 pm
Squirrel Gs.. Just letting you know that I'm using my previous dream entries elsewhere.. You know who you are. (That's right.)
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
10:28 pm
I was in Heritage Park. My friend brought me to this old saloon palace to teach me black jack. There were some angry pirates at the table. They bought us drinks, and we began to play. It was either my friend or the 280 lb. pirate that would always get blackjacks, and win against the house. The dealer kept giving me face cards at twenty despite my attempts to say hold, even to the point of wailing chairs at him while screaming it.. so I always busted by nine points. The black haired pirate kept laughing at me and buying me drinks. I ended up broke and drunk, and my friend walked away with most of the money.
I suppose this dream works with the others, mostly that I was left to die in Heritage Park. I must suck not being able to get out of there.

Moving to Greatest Journal. Since it's so much easier. www.greatestjournal.com/users/e_billy

So I'm back to Live JourNAl.. I'm a liar and a thief

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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
8:49 pm
A teenage girl was on the street. The wind blew her skirt up as a jeep with guns strapped to it pulled up. The two blondes inside it began to speak about a secret organization of women who seduced and assassinated political and cultural icons. They took her to her gothic manor. There she led them inside, and introduced them to the robotic family. The girl led them into the basement and showed them her collection of devices. These devices allowed them to hunt down potential influences who were negative to their views, and kill them as children. They were killing random kids on the street, and in the process killed the girl's potential husband. She screamed at the two others, who called her a homeless whore, and booted her out on the street hundreds of miles from her manor. Later, the car caught on fire due to some sabotage... as their car crashed into a lightpost.. one was killed. Elijah Wood took advantage of the other who was passed out.

As a reminder, you CAN post anonymously. Drop me a comment or two, Matts, Jenns, and Mikes. Otherwise, happy accepting stranger's treats day, Billies and Susies! Come to old Harold's house.
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
4:07 pm
Random clips everywhere. So I'll try to get it as linear as possible. There were some people living in a pond. Until a castle appeared, full of dragons and robots. The people of the pond had to defend their pond. So they sent in a task force to infiltrate each level. On ground floor, a chick had to hunt down the crystal robots. She crawled through long tunnels of coal, and sliced them in half with some sort of knife. She then had to take down the crystal dragon.. which had been following her the whole time. She was freaking out, and sliced randomly in the air. On one strike.. She sliced through the creature's neck. It retaliated by setting the coal on fire. She then crawled into the air ventalation.. and sliced off it's head. The head called for reinforcements on other floors. So the next floor. A guy had to kill the fire robots. The fire robots killed him stone dead. They infected his body and planed to use it against the other 5. The next floor the guy was running through hallways shooting whatever came near. The stone robots (not golems. Honestly.. they were electronic.) reinforced the other floor. Final floor, Two guys and a chick had to face the stone robots, the infected pond people, and the earth, water and air dragons. The people eventually surpassed them all. The three dragons cursed the pond to be forever invaded by castles.
Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
11:07 pm
We were playing this pokemon like board game in the middle of a cavern. Each shape on the board represented a place or creature. The board was divided into five sections. Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Heart. Some may wonder what happened to wind. Too bad for them. Anyhow. We could create the creatures and places so long as we did so inside the cavern. As did many players, we had our creatures do geurilla warfare on the other players places. My Earth creatures attack the Snow (water) lands. They did so by tobagganing into snowmen, Which somehow killed the blue creatures. Fire destroyed half of the enemy lands with magma.. when we were all suddenly pitted against the sixth element, Darkness. Our creatures battled against Undead Pirates, the natural minions of darkness. I snuck in the back of the land. There stood the vending machine of death. I read a label on it that anyhow who drinks the contained liquid would have their soul ripped out. I ordered one, and drank it. Instead of my soul being ripped out.. I had actually gained all the souls of previous people who drank from the vending machine. After defeating Darkness, we took a road trip. Each person got out at a different spot, and naturally, they were all connected. I got off at the Radio shack by the subway. There was a park with trailer parks on both sides. I went into the park to discover a tunnel that led into a city. I was then in a house, being talked to by a woman. She told me the secrets of the world. I woke up after that.
Monday, October 11th, 2004
12:51 pm
Apocolypse Again.
Alright.. so it started out with the end of the world.. Some of my dreams have trend. Anyhow.. a nuclear family (symbolically.. they weren't radioactive.) were called in to treat the patients of the end of the world. They came across the black chick from 28 days later, and she had a video camera. The family payed extra attention to her, who told her why they did when she awoke, because they needed her to spy on who they suspected to be Cannibals. So the chick went into a factory, and filmed what was going on. The humans would eat humans, and the chupacabras would eat the animals. On her way out, she saw me selling hard narcotics to people. She also filmed this. Every survivor went to a giant tarp where the nuclear family were having a concert. The father was wailing on the guitar while smoking his pipe, the teenage son and mother were doing the vocals.. While the daughter played tangerine. I think the Grandmother was bass guitar. I intercepted the 28dl chick, who was on her way to give it to the family, and smashed the tape. The cannibals appeared and told me why that was such a bad idea. The chupacabras killed us, and the cannibals proceeded to eat us.
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
8:48 pm
Two dreams.. since I skipped a day.
Alright. In the first dream, it was divided in three steps of a voyage of the solar system. The first step was in my mind. Nothing major happened (shut up), I learned an acronym to summon away people with discontent. (Something to do with, "The Eternal Presidential Pissing Assigned Seat.") So I woke up and said it. The next part was a tour of Earth. I had to haunt houses in Britain, Tokyo, and Calgary, as a ghost. To keep the people of the cities under control, I could assign four plagues upon them. I could send pox apon them, zombifie them, turn them into mutant ninja turtles, or set them on fire. The problem was, whenever I did one, it would spread to other people. My friend was running around with a taser zapping the zombies and mutant ninja turtles and telling them, "That's what they get for spreading the sickness." I predicted that the mnts would invade the towns of London and Tokyo, and they did. Calgary was infected by zombies. When I got bored of haunting the cities, I reformed, and took the downtown LTR out to Grand Prarie. There I was opened a portal to the other planets. Part 3. On Venus, the cities were pink and surrounded in water. The Jupiterians were attacking by sticking electrified poles into the water, killing all citizens in the water. The citizens of Venus were able to hold out on there own by using their auras. I went to Jupiter to convince them to stop electrocuting the venus people. The cities were vast and purple, and had electric fields all around them. I remember being chased out of all the places. They chased me to Pluto. Pluto was vast blue hills surrounded in darkness. Their were lights up the bike paths.. so I biked up the hill with my allies.. One of my allies fell down the hill.. so I chased her to the bottom. She had broken many bones, so I placed her in the lake of unending (which was teal.) As I went up again with my other allies, my fat friend was having a heart attack. I told him he could make it.. and as he died, I woke up.

Dream 2) So we were in a bar.. and the city went black. As we ran around, we heard voices guiding us in different directions. One of my friends appeared and started to tell us about how main street was doom. (There is no main street in Calgary.) My friends split up. One went with ninjas, the other with aliens. I was left alone to follow the third voice. I was being led towards a giant alter. It ends out were being sacrificed to demons. I remember a brightly lit man told me that I have to escape, for I could tell the others to go with the ninjas. The sun began to rise over the parking lot nearby.. and the control was no longer maintained. I walked away, watching the sun rise in the windows of buildings.
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
8:54 pm
We came to this cave that was filled with water.. and so when we decided to go through it, we discovered that the passage led into the ocean. When we came out on the other side, our possesions were retardedly neon pink. When the girl with me discovered this, she decided to bring her purple kittens through. She didn't want purple cats, so she gave one to me, and took the other kittens through. On her way through she was captured by pink jellyfish. Meanwhile, I traveled to Japan with my purple kitten. I lived in this cabin in the snow, which made the purple kitten cold. It cried out in my hand, and shrinked while crystalizing into a snowflake. The snowflake melted in my hand, and I wept for the innocent kitten. I ended up discussing my problems with some assassins who were on their way to kill the shogun, and needed warmth and shelter.

On an unrelated note, Tommorow I can legally buy Tobacco, Alcohol, and Porn.
Sunday, September 26th, 2004
12:28 am
Been a long while.
So my parents were on a redecorating show, and added a swimming pool to the house. The house was changed dramatically on the inside, with stairs and a sacrificial alter. After we sacrificed a deer, we headed down into my room underneath of the garage. There was a bit of a hallway which was mostly to block sight into my room. Inside my new room, there were guitars and movie prints hanging on the wall. However, the movie prints were moving with the scene that was going on. We left the house through some big white steps, and saw lightning strike from a cumulus cloud. The lighting of the cloud became golden. I felt at peace.
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
4:15 pm
There was a giant portal room, much like the subway of Asheron's call. Anyhow.. Jean Luc Picard (even though I hate Star Trek) was running around converting the people in the worlds past the portals. There were some stick people that were also racing against him for conversions. So when he got to the plains world, where first nation people were shooting at him with shotguns through a chain link fence. The stick people were there, sending dogs after everyone else. Suddenly King Arthur was crusading on a ship. As they passed an arch of rock near a cliff.. they fell down into the portal room. Water started to fill up the portals, drowning each of the people in the rooms. The people from the Salvador Dali meets the 80s type world were screaming, "What have you done?" Then a really cheesy camo plane swooped down and killed JLP, The stick people, and the 80s surrealism world.
Friday, September 3rd, 2004
12:50 am
Some aliens kept waking me up by scratching some glass above my head. They beckoned me out into the courtyard with promises of meeting the christian god. As I walked into view of them, I saw their face, and would be back in my bed with a later time on the alarm clock. This happened three times that night.
Monday, August 30th, 2004
8:49 pm
Long Time, No Blather
I had the time travel abilities of Lola from Run Lola Run. Anyhow, this dream starts 4 times.
- Heading out to the shipyard to meet Marla Singer (Heather Bonham Carter), these guys were running by with stolen merchandise. They said it didn't matter because they were able to fake there deaths. The head guy was that guy with a beard from Donnie Darko. Anyhow, they attacked me with stolen radios, and I was unable to defend myself.
- Deciding that they did not need the stuff in their graves, I headed out to the graveyard for a little grave robbing. From their "graves." I had dug out goblets, cash, and a 32" plasma tv screen. On my way out, some actress playing Juliette freaked out, and called the cops on me for theft. I started over once again.
- Heading out to the theatres, I sent my friend to the graveyard, while I went and distracted the people in the theatre across the street. I ended up getting drunk with actors/actresses from the play romeo and juliette. However, I did not obtain something from Marla Singer.
- Final attempt at getting the merchandise, keeping the actors drunk at a bar, and recieving the talisman, I ran down mainstreet to organize it all, I met Marla on her way to the shipyard. We were walking down the road, she had told me that the police were looking for me. I was run over by a police car.
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
12:51 pm
So my friends and I were moving stuff out of a factory in a theme park. Two of my paintings were there, and I tried to address that someone had left them here, when they all started yelling at me for locking the door. The door was wide open, so they must have been refering to some other door. Later once again, I was talking about one of their flaws, and they all started yelling about locking the door. So I took a family hostage and drove out of the theme park. The security people of the park were chasing me like police. I made it to a bear statue that had spy information and trackers stashed within it. I used the tracking device to locate something. When I got there, my teacher and friends were waiting for me. The teacher admitted to locking the door, and all my friends walked off in shame.
Saturday, August 14th, 2004
7:40 pm
So, I was in a lake freezing to death with some other person. It kept flashbacking to this room where there were three staircases, one made of metal, one made of wood, one made of stone. Each of the three staircases had information on the aliens that had trapped my friend and I in the lake. It pretty much revealed what the aliens were, which they did not want us to know. The top step which combinds the other three steps was forbidden, if anyone stepped on it, they were vaporized. Anyhow back in the lake the aliens had appeared, and were telling us to do their bidding. I was first, and all I had to do was engrave on a metal door, "Those who live withing are condemned to death." My friend on the other hand, was forced to chase a person into some void. After we did our jobs, the aliens shoved us back in the lake in order to get us desperate enough to commit another act. We made a flare out of the resources of the lake, which the aliens amplified (Which seems against their nature.) We were discovered on a computer program in the US, revealing we were in a syberian lake. The US people brought us to their base, and discovered that a snake somehow crawled into my friends intestines.
Friday, August 13th, 2004
1:36 pm
So, there was some man in charge of a casino with cars. He was running out of money, and four people were challenging him to the rights of the place. Anyhow, he felt that one of the drivers (one of the people challenging him.) was corrupting the facility. After a game of pool in which he should have won, but people decided that he didn't, he was challanged to a race. A few laps around loops and bizarre highways, the man started to spin out. He accidently hit the other driver, sending the other driver into a tree and killing him. The people celebrated, and to celebrate, they sent two of the other opposition on a race. One of the ladies had a grudge against the other, and planned to suicide into the other driver. The guy figured it all out, and attempted to stop her, once again killing them. The girl who was saved faded from existence, and the other person dropped out. Nothing was accomplished, basically.
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
7:59 pm
A whole bunch of people from my past were sitting in the jedi council room from Star Wars, which is odd because I hate star wars. Anyhow, All the artists were seated in one area, all the guitar players in another, with the other musicians nearby. Another with comedians, the list goes on for a while. Anyhow, after addressing people I thought I would never see again, the others decided I had to quest to Manitoba to find some long lost artifact. I went there, and I was a giant. I couldn't fit in the cave, and I failed, basically.
Monday, August 9th, 2004
8:21 pm
This time, there were two green haired women looking for eye stones to open a portal to hell. One was Sarah Michelle Gellar, the other being a chinese lady that did not appear to be familiar. SMG went into a library to look for the other lady's eye stone. She discovered it was being kept at the top of the 11 story building. On her way up, the other lady stole SMG's eye stone. When Sarah reached the top after walking up the screw shaped hallway, she snatched the other ladie's stone. The tower was suddenly moving downwards at a great rate. The other lady was pulling the tower down to attack SMG. SMG and the lady got into a long ass fight, with the chinese lady being victorious. She used the two out of five eye stones to send Sarah Michelle Gellar into hell.
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